The DUCSU LPR welcomes submissions of Blog Pieces, Journal Articles, Book Reviews & Case comments throughout the year. The DUCSU LPR requires the contributors to comply with the following standards:

Electronic Submission
DUCSU LPR accepts submission for its online publication throughout the year at The contributors have to submit their write-up in Microsoft Word format.
However, in case of submissions written in Bangla, you may submit a hard copy to the office at the DUCSU Building in an envelope addressing to Secretary, International Affairs, DUCSU.

Citation Format
DUCSU LPR publishes write up which are free from any kind of plagiarism. We shall use plagiarism software to ensure the authenticity of the write ups. We encourage our contributors to properly refer the original sources in their write up and cite them in footnote or endnote.

Review Process
The DUCSU LPR shall carefully consider all submission that it receives. The selection process has many steps: each write up shall be reviewed anonymously; at least two editors shall review every submission, a vote by the body of the Review and final confirmation by the Secretary, International Affairs, DUCSU in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief.
We shall notify authors of our decisions by email. We normally do not inform authors of the status of their manuscripts other than through email. As a matter of policy, we do not discuss the reasons for our publication decisions.


The DUCSU LPR aims to provide its learned readers scholarly research on timely nationally and internationally important legal, political and policy issues. The DUCSU LPR Blog pledges to generate debates, discussions, unravel new questions and challenge its readers’ perception. DUCSU LPR shall approach leading academics, policy makers of the country to contribute to the DUCSU LPR Blog on a wide range of topics.

DUCSU LPR Blog accepts blog pieces of 800-1000 words on timely relevant legal, political and policy issues. If you are interested to share your views with the top quality scholarly audience of DUCSU LPR, please send your submission at At the time of submission, please make sure, you have followed the following procedure:

  1. In the subject of the email, please write “Blog Submission”
  2. The file you have attached is named as the title of your write up
  3. Please make sure your academic CV is attached along with the blog piece you are submitting.


The DUCSU LPR pledges to publish one print version of the Review to provide its readers fast paced and timely scholarly research on nationally and internationally important legal, political and policy issues. Soon after the appointment of Advisers, Editor-in-Chief and the constitution of Editorial Board, the Call for Papers shall be published.

Book Review

Thank you for your interest in writing a book review for the DUCSU LPR! The Editors, Reviewers with the guidance of the Honourable Advisers shall select the book reviews publishable as per the standard of University of Dhaka after rigorous editing process. In order to assist us in making our selections, please follow these guidelines when submitting a book review proposal.

Submission Guidelines
DUCSU LPR accepts book reviews within 800-2000 words. The word count is inclusive of footnotes. Submissions are required to be in Times New Roman font and double-spaced. The main text should be in font size 12 while footnotes in font size 10. Please use only footnotes (and not end-notes or other forms of citation) in the submission.

Please send all submissions at

At the time of submission, along with the book review please include the following information:

  1. Your academic CV
  2. Abstract of the book review within 250 words (Outlining what your main contentions are or what you think is the contribution of the book in modern academic literature in the relevant field.)
  3. Please write in the subject of the email “Book Review for DUCSU LPR”.
  4. Please give us the following information in the main body of the email
    1. The Book Name
    2. Author’s Name
    3. Publisher
    4. Passing Year

You will receive a confirmation upon submission. We will then provide you with a decision regarding the acceptance or rejection as soon as possible.

Public Lectures

DUCSU LPR believes in promoting discussions and critical thinking. To foster its aim, it shall organize several public lectures in association with the office of the secretaries of the DUCSU. The DUCSU LPR Lectures are usually open for all. We welcome all the current and previous knowledge seeking individual students in the lectures.

DUCSU LPR Signature Public Lectures shall be held in two ways. DUCSU LPR shall approach leading experts for public lectures or anyone interested to deliver a public lecture may send an abstract of the lecture to